Good Afternoon

Good Afternoon
Photographer, Shelly Boyd

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Frugal Recipe of the Day!

.18 Tortilla's!
2 cups Flour (we use all purpose or whole wheat!)
Salt to taste
3 tbls oil
water to make texture, nice dough not sticky or gooey
We fried this batch in a frying pan for 1 min per side!
Then cut them up for chips and dip!  yummmmmmmmm
We are always trying out new ways to remain frugal and economical and yummy all at the same time. Which we all know is extremely hard. We try as much to make things healthy and from scratch. Limiting chemicals and add in's and what have you to our food! We want to stretch our dollars and therefore having the funds for organic fruits and veggies as much as possible.
The second batch of Tortilla's we pureed garlic and took out oil, these one's I preferred because I am a garlic holic! I love me some garlic! :) Even the children loved them.
Did you know that you can eliminate the high in fat oils my simply adding fruit or veg puree's and or low fat yogurts (make sure its plain yogurt or your hubby may not be so thrilled LOL! ) I did that :(!
Perogies that cost a buck!
Thats right I said a buck, $1.00! Sooooooooo excited! You see perogies are my favorite. My Nana and I when I was a little girl used to make them. My fondest memories is on the four acres, rolling out dough an using her cups to make the perfect circles, with the fire going. For you see my grandparents didn't have electricity for awhile and had an outhouse....but this is one of the memories that is in my heart etched like one of God's love notes from my Nana! :)
Here is how we did it!
2 c of flour
Water to texture (perfect dough not wet, sticky or gooey)
2 med onion(white)
6 extra large potatoes, boiled and mashed
1 can of corn.
(this filling we used only 1/4 for filling and then refrigerated the rest for our supper today, which will be potato patties!)
After rolling out the dough we used a small circular class
Then mixed our mashies with pureed onion(we used a food processor) personal preference
and corn
then filled them up not too full or they will not pinch and close properly
Now we just pinched them shut, let them rest for half an hour and boiled!
yummy with sour cream (I put garlic powder on them) the kids also liked Ketchup. I know weird I like it to. Its kinda a family trait :)
You can do a dab of water on your finger as well to "glue" them closed better or use egg whites. We didn't want to add extra anything just to try and they turned out beautifully!
Hope you enjoyed my Frugal Recipes!
May each one of you be blessed and equally so be a blessing to others,
Stacey Homemaker~

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