Good Afternoon

Good Afternoon
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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Laundry Laundry Laundry


Ever wonder what happens when you go to sleep? I believe that all the laundry decides that it wants to get even with its humans…..

You see humans treat their clothes so cruelly, so they get together and I believe they multiply themselves, so as to watch in our utter despair when we see the Mount Everest in our laundry room.

Yup, I can see the clothing snickering and full out laughing at our faces as we sigh, and moan at the overflowing baskets and the expensive laundry soap that we go through like water.

They really get a kick out of that…. Now seriously, I do not believe that our clothes have a life or a soul of their own but sometimes it makes the mountains seem not so horrific when humor is added.

This is truly my face when I walk down my stairs and remember that the laundry is quickly overruling my home.

Even worse is how much it costs to launder a family of five (soon to be 6). At this time of writing this post in a week I can do upwards of ten loads of just clothing per week. Not to mention the bedding of five people.


Not to mention that I and our eldest daughter have extremely sensitive skin. Which means that we end up cracky and bleeding with most soap. So when we find a laundry soap that the whole family can use it’s a rarity. The only one that fills the need is Tide.

Now if anyone purchases Tide in Canada you know the wonderful price of a container that our size family needs for a minimum of a month of laundry washes……well lets look at some prices shall we……

Tide Original liquid           64 uses =$15.95

Tide Original Powder    80 uses =$15.95

Tide Coldwater                 64 uses =$15.95

Tide Liquid 2x Free          96 uses =$21.78

Tide Powder                      120 uses =$21.78

(original scent)

Wow… I know that $15 or even $21 bucks may be like yeah but its 64 uses or its 120 uses! I get that but when you think about the fact that do ten loads of laundry per week that’s quite a bit of soap.

Not to mention that I would rather be spending our hard earned monthly budget on amazing, nutritious food for my growing bunch. I want to cut down costs of things like laundry soap down to as little as I can!

So one day I was watching this show on TLC and can you imagine having 19 kids and laundry….eeeek just imagining it I am seeing the horror film of laundry showcases across my eyes.

19 kids and Counting, with The Duggars had an episode about how they make their own laundry soap and how much it costs them.

So you better believe, I went searching for their web site and found that recipe. Now I have tweaked it to work for my family and our sensitive skin needs as well. Lets compare and see how your budget will like it, shall we…..

Stacey Homemaker Laundry Soap

                10gallons $.85

This last my family of two adults, an 8 year old, active 3 year old and a into all 1 year old four months. Now this is based on no more than 10 loads per week for four months. Now if we get sick or it is especially muddy we can go through this in three months. But in the three years that I have been making our own soap we have never had it last less than three months.              

This is how I do it…

I watch when we go shopping and as soon as my Ivory or Dove bar soap goes on sale for $2.99 for ten bars I buy a couple packages.

I purchase Borax from Superstore. The box is the size of a dishwasher detergent box, and is green in color. It is found in the laundry section. When I purchased it I got it for $5.99 for a 3kg box. Also at superstore, in the laundry section is Washing Soda. For a 3kg box $6.94.




Ingredients needed:

ÿ  1 Cup Washing Soda

ÿ  ½ cup borax (if washing greasy, oily or extra dirty on a daily basis increase to 1 cup)

ÿ  2 bars of Ivory or Dove Soap (use a butter knife to shave the bar into thin shavings, this is easiest when melting)

ÿ  Small pot (to be used only for this reason always)

ÿ  Measuring spoon (to be used only for this reason always)

ÿ  Knife (to be used only for this reason always

ÿ  10 gallon camping water jug (we purchased ours at Wal-Mart)

ÿ  funnel


ÿ  Bring (slowly) to a boil the soap and water I use about two cups of water, careful not to leave stove top until all of the bar soap is dissolved. Can boil over very quickly.

ÿ  Pour your pre measured washing soda and borax into your 10 gallon jug

ÿ  When water and bar soap is completely dissolved add to the 10 gallon jug

ÿ  Mix until borax and washing soda are completely dissolved

ÿ  Transfer to the bathroom, hot water from tap to fill to the top.

ÿ  Let sit for 12 hours, about 150ml p/load

Now I know you’re thinking that’s crazy….85 cents and you get 10 gallons of laundry soap….

So when you factor in that it takes you about ½ hour per three months to make this laundry soap. Wow.

So do the math…for a family of 5 I make this on an average 3 times a year which equals $2.55 per year…now that is only 12% of what it costs of the tide that would last about 2 and ½ months for our family (using the 120 uses at $21)

I don’t know about you but that means I have all of that extra money to use in our grocery budget for good, organic and local produce filling my families bellies.

I pray that this post gave you something to think about and maybe to help out to showcase where we are able to cut the budget…

And guess what, our 8 year old loves to do this with mama every four months as a project when the little one’s have gone to bed. Homeschooling tip (Science-solutions, solid into a liquid)

Have a blessed day and may you be equally a blessing to others throughout your day.

~Stacey Homemaker~


Laundry Laundry Laundry           June 4th, 2013

For price checks at Wal-Mart                            

For price checks at Superstore                         

Duggar Family, 19 Kids and Counting             



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