Good Afternoon

Good Afternoon
Photographer, Shelly Boyd

Friday, June 14, 2013

Whats in a Language......Whats in my own.....Part 3

Good Afternoon, Photography courtesy of Shelly Boyd


 Good Afternoon,
Praying that today is filling your heart with joy and gratefulness that we are almost into the summer!

We left off with my failure of my first Nyselxcin class....and if you remember correctly I learned quite a bit from and it was the harder class to begin with! :)

In January, my eldest daughter and I began Nyselxcin Naqs which is the beginner course for our language. I loved this class. Now by no means was this class easier. LOL! This language has a lot of guttural sounds, clicking, even the way you breathe is a specific sound when that sound comes out.

I am telling you this was harder to learn than singing for me. The joy I received from learning our language is indescribable. I felt that I fit in, I was welcomed, I belonged and in time I could really be good at it.

At this point I am now feeling not the overwhelmed anxieties of who I was because a piece of my heritage was molding with in my heart. This class was being taught by a wonderful woman, whom believes that anyone wanting to learn should be encouraged and helped as much as you can. Both her and our elder teacher are the most amazing women. I have to say I have never met two woman work so hard for something, with such passion and strength and love. These two taught me so much about myself and about where I came from. The knowledge is priceless and I can never repay them for the price would be far to high. They are worth so much to me.

You see our language was going extinct and from the efforts of a few (but growing now) people they are growing, thriving and teaching. I am so proud of all of the hours or effort behind the scenes that go un noted, un documented. The Hours the amazing ppl put in writing proposals, record audio, writing booklets for our amazing children, songs, curriculum, stories......I know from personal experience how much they work. I have to say each one of them deserves a medal for how much they do!

This class we  as an entire class were able to get to lesson 10 before the time was up. And this class I passed!

By this time I was so blessed with many friends and family. I was blessed with my children learning this gorgeous language that comes from our heritage.

We learned greetings, numbers, food, family tree, and so much more. It made me want to become bilingual and teach my other children as well. So all that summer we practiced until even my 3 and 1 year old understood the words from the lessons 1-10 at least to hear and understand.
At this time I was trying to obtain my status.....because my parents were so young when I was born there were a lot of misunderstandings yuppers some arguments and what have you, so when I was little I did not receive my status.
When I was in high school because alot of stressful situations and fighting occurred again I was unable to get my status.
When I was born my father was never added to my birth certificate. Which poses a problem when I am older and trying to get my status.
As it stands INAC requires that your birth certificate says who the father is. This is just to apply for your status.
Because of difficult situations with my mother this was a stressful, hurtful, and extrememly emotional painful process to go through.
Also, I live in the city in which my parents were when they got pregnant with me and where a lot of their growing  up was!
So you can imagine stories and rumours and so much else! It was very scary and even some things from my mother made me question whether my dad was my dad.....
It was an extremely traumatic situation with a fair amount of stress. My beautiful, thoughtful, caring loving husband, God and good friends and family really saw me through it!
We got the paternity test and it came back 99.999% my dad was mine!!!!!!!!!!!:) :) 

The relief was indescribable. It was wonderous! Unfortunatley,INAC said they needed my birth certificate changed...and wouldn't you know it! In order for my bc. to be changed my birth mother had to sign the live birth registration for it to be changed......

A door closed, slammed shut frustration, agony, anger my resolve was now slowly falling. Seeking God for strength, endurance and perseverance.

God sent me my husbands love, my husbands grace for my emotions, my husbands arms to hold me through the tears, my husbands ears to listen to the crying, the anger, the disappointment the fear and my husbands amazing faith in God our Creator to hold me steadfast and on the path!

God gave me my amazing Husband!

Well, for today I feel that will be enough. I have talked your eyes off lots probably.
Until next post,
may you be blessed today and may today you equally be a blessing to others.
Stacey Homemaker~

Photography by Shelly Boyd,

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