Good Afternoon

Good Afternoon
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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Parenting From the Heart, written by Marilyn Boyer (BOOK REVIEW)

Good Tuesday Morning Everyone,

Hoping that each of you had a fabulous weekend, if your from Canada a Happy belated Canada Day to you all, and if your from the USA then an Early Happy Fourth of July!

I was honored and privileged to be selected to review a book from a wonderful author. A little background of how I came across this author, her family, her business/ministry.....

A year ago a dear dear friend of ours from our church that we love so very very much in Maple Ridge, BC (Fraser Valley Baptist) gave me a workbook on the book of Proverbs. I loved it so very much that I told my husband that the next years ordering for Homeschool I will have to research other workbooks like it. You see I had already pre ordered for this present year.

So this year before pulling out my list, I started researching and I was amazed at this family's dedication to the Lord, for their convictions and for their God gifted talent for writing amazing material that is so unique and so educational and specifically written with God first.

So now that I gave you my introduction to the how's lets see what this book is all about......
First of all, I am one that no matter what I believe that God uses so many different avenues to speak to each of us in different ways and when we need it the most. I also firmly believe that not one single person is a perfect parent or perfect person. We all are human beings, we all have flaws and we all will fall short at one point or another. I believe its what you do with that particular knowledge that will make you a better parent and a better. I believe in always always reading, reading material that is going to give you a real perspective and also lines up with your beliefs and your home.
Remember not everything is going to work, but you take what you can and you try. Your children will always see that you want to always learn and align your lives with your own convictions and beliefs!
Parenting from the Heart, is a real book, about a real family, with real struggles and with real hardships! A great loss within family, great joy, great faith and a great ability to have faith and learn and walk on!
I found that upon reading the pages, the words jump off and into my heart, as if God guided Marilyn's hand in writing just for me, just for my struggles, just for my situations! The chapters are wonderfully written and smoothly transition from one to the next with ease. As a woman, as a wife, as a mother  and as a homeschooling mama/teacher, I found this book soooo helpful and relieving. I laughed, I burst into tears, I felt sorrow, pain and the Lords love through each page. I felt renewed and that I really can do this. Sometimes us, mama's get tired or frustrated and God gives us a book like this to encourage, strengthen and showcase that He is there and He holds us dear!
I needed to read this book, I loved this book, and I have to say that it helped me so very much. I will say no more than that for I believe this book and this amazing Sister in Christ, speak volumes for themselves.
I pray that you are able to read this book, and that it is as uplifting and encouraging to you as it was to me.
 I would like to add, I have in no way been paid for this review. I received the book and a worksheet in exchange for my review. The opinions I have shared are 100% my own and how I personally feel!
Have an amazing and spaztastic week,
Stacey Homemaker~

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