Good Afternoon

Good Afternoon
Photographer, Shelly Boyd

Friday, June 14, 2013

Dish Soap, Hand Soap......two different kinds no more!!!!!!!!!!!

On the Left is my vinegar solution for all purpose cleaning.
In the middle is the Dish Soap Solution, and on the Far left is the bathroom hand soap.

I have to say that all of these chemicals in all of our everyday use cleaning supplies just FREAK me right out. We are a family of sensitive skin, eczema and simply ouchieness to all of these so called sensitive skin products.

I am telling ya sensitive skin is hard to even attempt "new or different" sensitive soaps. So I went searching and found my own.

I found a recipe on one of my fav sites. and tweaked to my families needs.

10c of Water
5tsps of ivory bar soap
118ml aveeno baby soap
90 ml of washing soda
105ml of vinegar
9.5 ml Pure Tea Tree Oil
9.5ml Pure Lavendar Oil
7.5ml of Pure Vitamin E Oil
Yields 2L which lasts my of five 2 months
=$6.76 cost to make
**remember all utensils and pots, measuring cups are only used for this purpose**
Boil water and the shredded ivory soap
(be careful to boil on a low temp keep stirring so as not to bubble over)
When the ivory soap is all melted, I pour it into a measuring cup
 (so as easier to pour into bottles later)
I then add the Aveeno Baby Soap, washing soda and vinegar making sure all is dissolved I let cool for 15 min.
After cooling period I add the Tea Tree Oil, Lavendar Oil, and the Vitamin E Oil.
Mix well
pour into your bottles, and let sit for 24-48 hours before use. I found I am in a dryer climate at a higher elevation and 48hours to set worked for me.  A friend of mine from a wetter and lower elevation only needed 24 hours.
check after 24 hours if it is a wonderful liquid texture with no clumps and you like it that way then its good for you. After 24 hours it can gel up I like it like that. But make sure to give it a good shake each day to mix it up sometimes like anything else it can settle.
Is the exact same except for one ingredient. I use the regular baby soap, the yellow everyday baby soap. In replace of the Aveeno. Reason for it is the Aveeno has a moisturizing ingredient that I like for the more frequent washing of hands.
Other than that its all the same. I also really enjoyed substituting the Baby Goats Milk Soap, but I only tried it because it was a gift from a friend. This soap makes the cost  to make a lot higher.
To make it easier you can make your dish soap and hand soap with the aveeno and make a double batch, and it works great. We tried that and it wasn't to bad. Like I said I have extremely sensitive skin and need the extra moisturizing action of the aveeno with the handsoap.

I have to say I love utilizing this recipe with our 9 year old daughter. This is an amazing Homeschool project to do with her, after the little ones have gone to bed and have a mother daughter night. Its so much fun and she learns so much from it. We talk about the antibacterial properties of the lavendar and tea trea oils, and where they come from. Why Vit E oil is essential for immunity of the hands and skin, how it increases the elasticity of our skin. I make into an education but sooo much fun night.
Remember each moment with your children is precious. Make it count. I love turning education experiments or anything into a whole family affair to make memories. And I am teaching my children ways in which to be frugal and still be able to have our needs met. To also be aware of what we are purchasing and watching out for sale items like our ivory soap and stocking up when it is really low. We are building our home and family on a debt free basis and hope and pray that teaching our children the fundamentals of a debt free lifestyle through basic financial principles every day will increase their chances of not being in debt when they are older. And that they are more financial minded when they do grow up and leave the safety of our home. God is an Awesome God and His will to be done but our goal is to grow them up with all of the tools and knowledge that we did not get while growing up! All from a bibilical mindset as well.
I pray that this was a informative and fun read,
May you be blessed each day and may you equally be a blessing to all those around you,
Stacey Homemaker~

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