Good Afternoon

Good Afternoon
Photographer, Shelly Boyd

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Meet Stacey Homemaker.

Stacey is married to a wonderful man of almost five years. They met at age of 6 and hated each other. Lol! After moving, living and life separated the two; they reunited at 23 and through a very short, but intense three weeks of dating were engaged. After a seven week period were married.

                Stacey is a blessed mama of three amazing and gorgeous children, and is currently pregnant with baby number 4. She also is homeschooling her children and keeps them quite busy.

                Stacey is a crafty woman. She loves to create things out of old things (she uses the word “upcycle”). Her passion is to sew and create lovely things for her children and for her family. This year she frustratingly took on the task of trying to knit (don’t worry it will be a post soon) and she is currently teaching herself to plastic canvas.

                Stacey is always making sure that our family is cutting costs where we can by making things from scratch, in order to put the money into things that really need it. For example, food, educations, and family day field trips.

                This year she also was able to learn some of her heritage and the traditional ways of making; moccasins, yarn bags, ribbon shirts, ribbon skirts and even a wee bit of beading.

                Currently, she is working on becoming bilingual in her traditional language of Nyselxcin. That will be a post as well, it has been a blessed journey to learning her heritage.


                As a family we believe that through Jesus Christ we are able to have a relationship with God. That in order to have the beautiful gift of salvation we must believe in the literal miraculous conception, birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus.

                As a family we use the King James Bible, and respect that each person has their own reasons for the version in which they love to tell of God’s beautiful word is their own decision.

                As a family we believe that each child is a gift and a blessing from the Lord. We believe that it is our divine appointment to have the amazing blessing of being gifted a child to raise, teach, and guide into adulthood and furthermore into eternity.

                We hope you enjoy Stacey Homemaker’s blog. We want you to be encouraged and want you to enjoy our blog and all of the wonderful posts coming your way.

                Although we respect others opinions and advice, if you leave slanderous, rude, vexing language your comments will be deleted. This is a blog to strengthen, encourage and share knowledge together. It is not for hate speech and things of that nature.


                May you be blessed each day by our posts. Thank you.

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