Good Afternoon

Good Afternoon
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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Loving Moisturizing Bars Home Made

Homemade is one of my true passions. I love making and creating. It gives me a sense of accomplishment, a sense of “I really did that!” I really can do that. I don’t know about you but I really love that feeling. Even if no one ever saw or uses anything I make, I still am excited and feel accomplished that I created something.

Sometimes as mothers, wives, home makers, chef’s, menders, defenders of all that is right in your children’s world, chauffer’s, maid, laundress and pretty much jack of all trades, and it’s a 24/365 a year career, we forget to treat ourselves to a hobby.

I am talking about a bonified only to do something that is for you, hobby. For me, researching and creating things for my family is mine. Making clothing for my children, making soaps and crafts. All of this is my hobby. Learning to do new things is like a much need fix of fresh ocean air for this busy mama.

Making the time, is a real mind warping conundrum sometimes. I don’t always get to do it every day or even once a week. When I do, it’s like an amazing rush of amazement and content ness.

Now I am not saying by any means that I am not fulfilled completely by my husband or children. But if you’re a mama you can on some level understand what I am talking about.

I have extremely sensitive skin. Most moisturizers burn, itch, or make my skin red and blotchy. When I am pregnant this is magnified and my apprehension for chemically laden products is heightened. Thus, my search for a bar or lotion I could make myself with ease and not needing a bunch of ingredients (some or all I cannot pronounce). Lol!

I happened upon and saw her recipe for the bars. Although as you will see in the recipe of my I omitted all but bare minimal of ingredients. I only had four ingredients on hand so I used what I had. I have to say with my eczema and sensitivity I am in love and will never go back to traditional moisturizers again. Although I will share with you what I will do differently next time around!



ÿ1 ½ cup bees wax

ÿ2 cups Extra Virgin Coconut oil

ÿ1/3 cup dried dandelion leaf

ÿ½ cup dried chamomile flowers

You will need:

ÿa two quart slow cooker (using for this purpose only always)

ÿmeasuring cup

ÿplastic stirring spoon

ÿmolds for your bars

1.   place coconut oil, dandelion leaf, and the chamomile flowers into the slow cooker

2.   infuse for 1 hour on high (make sure you are frequently stirring and watching it)

3.   once the oil and the flowers are melted but it on low for 1 hour

4.   switch to warm and leave overnight

5.   in the morning switch to high and add your bees wax.

6.   This is extremely important that you are watching it closely, bees wax can catch fire if to hot

7.   When all bees wax is melted pour into your molds

8.   Let sit on counter for one hour then move into fridge until completely set

9.   To use rub between hands and the heat from your body will melt the bar enough for you to distribute evenly onto your skin.

The reason I used Dandelion Leaf is because of the healing properties specifically for psoriasis, eczema, dry skin and dry scalp. The reason I used Chamomile flowers is because it to has the healing properties and a natural pain reliever.

Now, although I love these bars and that my skin is soo soft now. It is June and in our neck of the woods starting to get warm and dry. Which means cracking and bleeding usually already for my poor hands. I have not cracked or bled yet. I am so in love with my bars.

This is what I would change with my next batch;

Firstly, I would strain out all my flowers prior to adding the bees wax. The reason for this is that when applying the bar to my hands the flowers are extremely tough and ouchy.

Secondly, I would add vitamin e pure essential oil to the mixture just before pouring into the mold. The reason for this is to add to the healing and strengthening of the elasticity and immunity in my skin.

Lastly, I would use square or rectangle molds instead of pretty molds for myself so that it is easier. Although, I would still use my pretty molds for giveaways!

Overall, I am completely in love with making this for myself and for others! So this recipe was a complete success!


I have to say that when researching on the internet, I found the frugally sustainable website (I am in no way being paid or anything and all is my own opinion) is extremely helpful. The author gives step by step instructions, recipes and for those who do not have time to make it on their own, she sells her products as well.


Praying that this post was encouraging, and that you can take something new learned!

Praying that you have a spaztastic day!

Stacey Homemaker
(purchased our bees wax from, amazing quality)
(where I found original recipe)
(where I purchased my extra virgin coconut oil)

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