Good Afternoon

Good Afternoon
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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Whats in a Language....Whats in My own......Part 2

Way', (hello)!

I am praying that today is a day that you have been gifted the ability to enjoy our beautiful creation. That when you woke up this morning you could count at least one item to be thankful for!

The above link, is to a song that people in the Nyselxcin Language have for a Greeting song. I love this song. I am currently putting it into my preschool program for my two youngest children in the Fall.

So, yesterday we left off on my family and I moving to a gorgeous Valley and starting to come into knowledge of our Heritage!

Through some stressful, thankful, tearful and frightening events we as a family needed to switch up our roles. My husband was unable to find work here in the Valley. The work here is so different than what he has ever seen. For you see my gorgeous 6 foot 3 inches Blonde haired hubby is a city man! Through and Through....(he used to iron his jeans lol).

It was a tough go. We were blessed with my Dad giving my family a place to stay, while we found our feet. So, I found a job. I was terrified. You see I went to college when I was 18 I graduated with a 3.99 GPA in Legal Office Administration Assistant, doubling with a Accelerated program for Office Administration Assistant, but.....that was 6 years before this time. And I had gotten pregnant before I was able to get a job in the workforce.

I found myself sitting at a Desk in a First Nations Immersion Band School. I saw the culture, the language, the people, the children and fell in Love. This new journey had just don't get me wrong. Working in any job full time for me is not what or how I want our lives to be. My prayer is that we are blessed with myself at home raising and training and educating our beautiful miracles and doing the best we can. For this season in our life I went to work. And we feel nothing wrong with that.

We also were blessed with our third pregnancy during this time. So while I was on Mat. Leave our eldest daughter and I were able to attend a language class.

We had an amazing time, being taught by one of the Elder's and an amazing teacher. We learned, and loved so much this language. Now do not get me wrong this language is one of the hardest, confusing, and at times down right nerve wracking I have ever attempted to learn. But in my heart I found peace. I found a new meaning to the word language. Falling in love with words and teaching my children became an everyday at thing a passion that started deep with in.

Now believe me, this language and culture is a beautiful and most unique entity. I have had so many welcoming, joyful and heartfelt moments over learning this language that words cannot even describe.

Now I took one of the harder courses first. Now....boy although I had so much fun I don't recommend doing the harder course on anything before you do the beginner course. Although, it was so much fun, and I learned so much. The road was difficult and a wee stressful at times.

This also the first time in my life that I had completely failed at something. I went strong into our final exam at a 73% I studied hard. I thought I had this in the bag.....then the final came and oh boy my brain turned upside down and eeeeeeek.

I read the questions wrong. I translated from Nyselxcin into English instead of reading the Nyselxcin and then answering in Nyselxcin....Oh Nelly I tell ya. It was not the easier thing.

When I got that test back.....I wept and I smiled. For I may have failed the course but in the lessons that I gleaned while learning.....This journey was just beginning. :)

When I was growing up. I really didn't learn what parenting was..
I honestly thought it was something to survive and not something that continues through to thrive.

While in this first teacher was (and is) such an amazing role model. The lessons I gleaned from our conversations really helped me grow as a mother, and as a woman. Our Elder teacher gave me the gift of imperfection. You see I am somewhat of a perfectionist. Specially in academics(for reasons that will have to wait for another post). For this beautiful, patient, wonderment of a woman gave me the time, strength and encouragement to practice and that time is what counts and not perfections.

For anyone that knows me, knows that I am my own hardest critic, my own worst grader, and also my own best optimist...for everyone else that is....
The above link is one of the stories that we learned in this first class.

It was so much fun, and so amazing to learn the words. It is here that I knew God wanted me to learn a piece that He knew I needed to find.....

For today, I believe that will be enough of writing for me.

I pray that my journey of self discovery and my language will encourage you to go out and learn something new today!
May you be blessed and May you equally be a blessing to those around you. Remember it doesn't have to be much, for most have not enough. But when you look hard enough all of us have something we can bless others with!

Stacey Homemaker~
For all of your Nyselxcin Needs this is your most wonderful and amazing site! And the youtube links above gives you a wealth of amazing language videos.

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