Good Afternoon

Good Afternoon
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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Crafting An Effective Writer: Week 2: Journal 1

I am currently taking a few courses which I will detail a proper introduction to in another post. Currently this course is about the 8 parts of speech. Something as a homeschooling mama I want to be quite well with. I want to make sure that I brush up on all and anything I can. I want my children to know that lifelong learning is a valuable asset, regardless of circumstance.
  1. Thus, my online life long learning journey began in the beginning of July this year. Crafting an Effective writer is a course in which I am quite intrigued by.
 Below is the assigned work :
Module 1 Writing Activity
In your journal, write down a list of at least five to ten nouns and five to ten adjectives as you observe a scene at home, work, or in your community.

Below is my Journal Entry for this module:
School time with my children nouns:
  1. papers, pencils and crayons
  2. school books
  3. daughters and son
  4. artwork and paint
  5. house
School time with my children adjectives:
  1. loud
  2. dinning room
  3. high pitched laughter
  4. red, brown and orange (autumn art work)
  5. twirling and whirring
I am excited to share with you my journey through life long online learning.

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