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Good Afternoon
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Sunday, September 29, 2013

"Finally Free", written by Heath Lambert

Finally Free
written by Heath Lambert
Book Review is of my own opinions and I did not receive anything other than the honour of a free book and the gift of doing this review.
When I was growing up pornography was not a bad thing per say. I grew up in a family of mechanics and mainly around men. On the walls of their shops hung by the masses, pictures and calendars and on mugs and magazines etc. the women in all sorts of positions and most barely had a bikini or some with nothing at all on. A family member is an artist and I used to adore how amazing he could draw the women's body to a tee. I was quite young and for a very long time the pornographic images is what I thought a women should look like. I sincerely thought that this was the way to get and keep and marry a man. That and the romance novels I read while my biological was working did not help at all.
My perception of pornography as a young adult was a mark of being finally an adult. The day when you turn 18 (Canada) and are able to go in a purchase this material was an accomplishment in the wait. Here in Canada you can purchase pornography at the age of 18, although you are not legally allowed to purchase cigarettes and or alcohol. We all know that really pornography is not that bad......or is it......
I am no perfect little housewife. I did not come to know the Lord until I was 22 years old. And believe you me I did a lot of things that for a long time was not proud of and in fact was ashamed of. So I understand what addictions are and what they mean. How hard the hold the devil has on your heart and your soul. How feeding the need and the desire is in its entity all consuming!
When I came to know the Lord, I slowly started to see what the Devil was up to and how he dangled temptation wrapped in gorgeous packaging. Packaging that seems innocent and inviting. Until this packaging is not able to be removed. The packaging cannot be lived with out. The packaging starts to be you, live through you and you cannot let go.
I know how hard this is. God will not erase it in an instant, it will not come in a flash and poof all better. It comes with the head knowledge of Salvation, the heart knowledge of the Love and Mercy and Grace of the Lord and why you are truly loved. Why you are important, why God wants you to turn from all of the temptations.
When I received this book in the mail, I opened it and to be perfectly honest I kinda thought that this is gonna be another prosperity gospel, Christians perfectly being healed and walking away from it all and never to return. Poof Easy....
Wow, was I wrong! This book is not another self help Christian ideology book. This book speaks directly to your own heart. Your will to survive. Your will to work hard and trust that the Lord God almighty can rid you of the will to bend to the Devil's hand!
We all know the commandment, "Thou shalt not commit adultery. Thou shalt not covet....." Exodus 20:13,17"
But that's easier said than done. Pornography is every where. In our magazines, on commercials, in all our media, in cooking magazines, internet, on buses, on vehicles...this list can go on! It comes in small doses, because the enemy likes to wrap his packaging in innocent wrapping paper so that your heart becomes slowly desensitised to it. Then BAM its all consuming.
Finally Free, works from the Heart, then Relationship with the Lord. Heath Lambert works through processes to showcase and reveal where the eye of the storm is. I love how he uses illustrations and personal stories to really get the point a human point. Understanding and in plain English. He does not have to go into sex terminology or being raunchy. He expertly guides you through prayer and deliverance with God as your center.
At the end of each chapter he gives you a list to go through. Questions to ask yourself, scripture to meditate on, and prayer to elevate your heart and soul back to the one whom created you!
Friends, this book is geared towards pornographic addictions, but, I strongly feel that this is a lesson of how to be ridding yourself of small, large addiction's and be really and truly set free through the forgiveness of self, of Jesus, of God and of those around you.
A must have book in every home, and every pastors office. A must have for seeing the problems and standing up and becoming God's love, Gods light, Gods forgiveness.
Lets not let these amazing children of God suffer from addictions, let us set free and live for Christ and be truly Set Free!

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