Good Afternoon

Good Afternoon
Photographer, Shelly Boyd

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Week 3: Creative Writting Journal #1

Module 1 Writing Activity
Observe a scene where people are interacting.  You might choose a restaurant or a shopping mall.  Sporting events and parks are also good places to observe people. Write 5-6 sentences describing this scene and underline the subjects of your sentences. Write a few sentences experimenting with using different types of pronouns from the tables in Unit 3.  You will want to keep all of these sentences at hand as you do the writing activities for this unit.

We were all gathered around a pick nick table at our local park.  Sally and Jane, were excitedly, jumping through the air as if  both were, majestical trapeze artists! Everyone else were lost in shouts of joy, and shrill high pitch giggles of pure happiness. Together each of us, mothers were trying hard to relieve our paranoia of falling or death defying leaps and bounds that our children were making. Suddenly, Beth's twins fell off opposite ends of a large, rickety see saw......Well, here's to the Emergency and amazing, beautiful, and full of life children! 

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