Good Afternoon

Good Afternoon
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Monday, October 28, 2013

Starting out with Trim Healthy Mama!

Trim Healthy Mama and a key to a new eating Life!
I first saw the advertisement for a biblically based eating "diet" in a subscription of Above Rubies Magazine.  I saw it and it looked really exciting. I had just finished a course on Nutrition and Disease Prevention with and was still on fire with all of the amazing things I had learned over the course of 6 weeks on the art and science of eating to prevent diseases (including diabetes and gestational)  so when I saw this one I immediately wanted to get it, even just for curiosity sake.  My dear hubby ordered it for me for our fifth anniversary gift and it was on its way up from the USA! I couldn't wait!


At my 27 week midwife check up I had to go in for my wonderful gestational diabetes blood work (yuck, annoying and icky) but it comes with the territory! Just after I took the test my book came in!
I was so excited. So we jumped in and started experimenting with all of the recipes. While I started to read the how to's and why not's ect.
I have to tell you that I am fully in love with how this book was written. Although, there is a lot of information at first, it is all relevant, much needed and excellent. It was even better than my nutrition course, because the book comes from a Godly, and biblical perspective that helps me so much in attaining and retaining more of the head knowledge, heart knowledge and will to want to succeed.
At 28 weeks, the results were in.....I was full blown gestational diebetic. At first this news was earth shaking. This pregnancy has been by far the best out of all of my pregnancies. At this point my total weight gain was 13lbs and I was feeling amazing. Although, I had to stop walking my 20 hours a week that I was. Turns out my body was starting to wind down as I started to get farther along. So I backed off to about 10 hours of walking (pushing a stroller and with my other two children as well). I do not drive so I walk! Which keeps my plus size figure.....well the same size but at least makes me feel better.
I have tried diets and new eating of all sorts. Last year, I lost 47lbs in less than 12 weeks, simply by adding 4 hours of gym time to my already large hours of walking and counting carbs, calories and stressing out! Which is why....although I maintained to only gain back 10lbs and keep it off I fell back to eating without a lot of the regime!
With THM, hope was revived and rekindled. God would be the driving force of encouragement and this eating makes sense. Its not about depriving but thriving. So, I believe it was Providence and in Hi perfect timing for this wonderful eating life!
For 8 days straight, I recorded my eating for the dietition, I peed on the stick every morning to test keytones and recorded it all! All eating THM. (Which by the way my dietitian is absolutely loving! Thinks its awesome, she looks through my book, recipes etc.and took down the website!).  And eating 7 small meals a day, each one with a protein of some sort and drinking no less than 2 litres of water per day!
To our utter dismay, I had to be placed on insulin. I lost 6 lbs and I was sent for more blood work.
Week 30-31 came with a slight raise in my insulin but other than that no weight loss and dietitian happy with progress and sticking to this amazing eating with luxurious and nutritious food!
We are now on week 32, somewhere along the way I managed to lose another 4 shorts(that I wear for modesty sake under my skirts and dresses) are baggy in my legs and buttocks. My undergarments that have not fit since I entered the 2nd trimester fit comfortably and I feel amazing. My sugars are leveling out to where they need to be.
I have to say I am feeling so blessed with the new lifestyle changes and am confident to succeed even after our gorgeous little blessing is out and about!
Thank you Serene and Pearl, this has changed my life!
PS....For all the dear hubby's...
My hubby although, not following THM 100%, and not increased physical activity in any way has lost from my start at week 28, has now lost 12lbs and it is noticeable for me in his gorgeous physique. I love him always and no matter what, but the lbs are melting away!
Now he is excited. Now he is encouraged and now he is on board!
No my hubby is a eat outery holic. Loves Loves salty and savory high fatty snacks and foods. Through the past five weeks of experimentation with THM recipes he is feeling satisfied.
Keep on all you Trim Heathly Mama's!
Keep on all you Trim Healthy Manly Hubby's!
May you be blessed and bless Serene and Pearl's amazing book!

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