Good Afternoon

Good Afternoon
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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Crafting an Effective Writer: Week 2: Journal 2

This is the class for the Verbs and Adverbs!
Below is the class assignment:
Module 2 Writing Activity
In your journal, continue your list of nouns and adjectives by adding in five to ten verbs and adverbs. Then, write a couple of sentences using your list of nouns, adjective, verbs, and adverbs.
Below is my work:
School time with my children verbs:
  1. will
  2. do
  3. giggled
  4. laughed
  5. talkative
School time with my children adverbs:
  1. beautifully
  2. slowly
  3. quickly
  4. loudly
  5. often, soon, always
Sentences to follow:
  1. In our dinning room you will find often my talkative daughters.
  2. During our mornings you will most always find school books piled high a top of our table.
  3. Our house is filled with high pitched laughter that beautifully rolls our of our windows each day.
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