Good Afternoon

Good Afternoon
Photographer, Shelly Boyd

Monday, July 8, 2013

I am pregnant and I am not able to cook! LOL

Now you say, nah just because you are pregnant doesn't mean you suddenly lose the ability to cook.

I say Ha, yupp and its me!

Two years ago I was determined to learn how to cook properly, to really have meals that both my children and my husband would love. The kind of meals that my children would remember for ever and a smell when their in the adult ages will bring them back to warm memories of home and of me!

I really could not cook to save my life! LOL! So I got cook books, spent hours of watching amazing cooking shows (from the library, our local Library has saved me thousands of dollars, not only with my homeschooling but with my learning to cook!). I tried recipes and fell in love with the art of cooking! My family liked most of the meals I cooked. They loved the baking!

Then I got pregnant with baby number four and its like no matter how hard I try the recipes are still the same but the end result is not good! yikes...has anyone else ever had it happen to you before.
Where no matter how hard you try the recipes and the actual taste is wayyyyyyyyy off!

Thankfully I am blessed with an amazing husband that loves to cook! So he has been cooking up a storm!

This was the left over mashed potato's from making perogies and oh bad for your health (deep fried) but this preggers mama was in deep fry heaven!

These beautiful crepes made 24 and had our homemade right off our tree cherries. This meal cost us $3.35!

For you see my husband wants to be as frugal whilst still being creative and yummy!

Can you believe it! Rissoto runs soo expensive when you order in a restraunt? But to make it at home for a family of 5 was 15 bucks! Sweet, and to boot all of our children absolutely loved it! Ages almost two, almost four and almost nine!

Arancini Di Riso! These were absolutely devine. Our children loved them and only cost about 15 bucks for the whole dinner!

Our goal is to introduce foods from other cultures and learning where their origins are and how to find the country they are from on the map! It is great fun!

Gajar Ka Halwa, a dessert from Indian, mainly northern. We have missionaries and children we support. This was an amazing dessert, carrots, ghee, almonds! soooooooo goooood!

Now you see, I wasn't always on board with this Hubby cooking, Kids liking it better than mine!
For all intents and purposes, I am the mama, I am supposed to be the great cook! I want them to like mine better. He makes it look so easy, He really can cook better than me, I wish he could just not be so gosh darn good at it......

For you see I am an imperfect wife, and to have my selfish, childish, whinny moments....
God gently nudged me. God gently showed me what a beautiful labour of love this was. God showed me what a gift and a blessing to have a husband that loves me so much, that he would pour in to his food all of his love, adoration and caring.....That I should be grateful. I should be receiving the blessing with thanksgiving and see what a gift it truly is...

And what an amazing break to not have to think, prepare, or clean up after it truly is.

Now ladies, if your man does things, anything that you feel is better and your hearts turning to jealousy, anger, resentment...take it to the Lord for this may to be His way of teaching you!

Praying for an amazing week for you all,
Stacey Homemaker~

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