Good Afternoon

Good Afternoon
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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Profiles of Valour, written Marilyn Boyer & Grace Tumas

~Book Review~
I want to tell you that when the book came in I fell in Love. Not because I am an avid history fan, because to be quite frank history has always been a subject of boring facts made to run on forever. When teaching my children about history I try to inject fun, crafts and more opportunity to live it than read it!
The front cover is done so beautifully, this is what stole my heart to begin with. Imagery is a very big attractant to myself when looking at anything. Then you open the book and it honestly transforms you into another world.
First, each chapter opens with the character quality that the following story with highlight. A definition of the character quality and a KJV Bible verse to further showcase God's plan for this character quality. I have to say I love this, I want to photocopy and get my kids to color on them and then laminate them and place them all over my house!
 Then the historical, biblical story on these amazing Americans that shaped, formed, and fought for! The narrations are long enough to showcase history in its finest, and illustrations to show you the depth of the men. These narrations are not to long, as to lose interest but long enough to explain and transform you into an era that before unimaginable. I really got caught up in each one and then beauty of the words, how the words came to life within my hands. The tears, the devotions and I was enthralled.
At the end of each chapter is a questions page, and the questions are amazing to really see if the person or child really retained the biblical character quality of the chapter. I really love how easily understood it was and amazing the questions were.
Then some of the chapters also have a quote from the gentleman you were learning about and to further highlight the character quality.
Myself, I loved the book as an adult. It kept me on the edge of my seat with anticipation and a thirst to continue. As a parent, I am adding this to my nine year olds book for grade four starting in September. I believe it is an amazing way to showcase history, bible facts, character qualities and interest throughout!
Also, because of this book I will be purchasing for my nine year old the Level 3- Character Concepts because I am able to see how visual, intellectual and easy understand the books are. I was already purchasing the Preschool pack but now I will do both. I truly am blessed to have had the opportunity to have read this book and blessed with such a biblical history that truly inspired me!
I was not in any way shape or form paid for my opinion. The opinions expressed are 100% my own! I did receive the book in print in order to review it.
Praying that each of you were encouraged by my post today. May you be blessed and May you equally bless others on your way.
~Stacey Homemaker~

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