Good Afternoon

Good Afternoon
Photographer, Shelly Boyd

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

My love, My partner, My best friend, My shield, My rock, my everything......He is MY HUSBAND

Happy Anniversary My Love!
Five Years
An introduction to the way we came to be "US"! 
My husband, Sean and I met when we were six years old. His family owned the Laundromat that my biological mother had worked in at the time. As you can imagine our lives and families were quite on opposite spectrums of the world!
We rather were hateful to each other, and I in particular did not like him in anyway shape or form. Throughout our growing up we would see each other from time to time.
At twelve years old, we bumped into each other and I gave him the not so nice hand signal and mouthed him off. He was a blonde haired blue eyed snob in my eyes and I was not your typical twelve year old girl. Needless to say, I grew up far differently and it showed in how we both responded to each other.
I moved in with my dad and Sean would hear about some drama or another via my biological mothers friendship with Sean's grandmother.
At the age of 22, I was a single mother and had just been saved and baptized..(That is a whole other post) and was attending a church. I was living in a Hell situation. I was working full time. I was depressed and felt I needed to move back to the Lower Mainland to be close to family. At 23 I moved. At the same time, Sean was 23 and his family was going through the Loss of a beautiful, beloved woman....his grandmother. (Sean was raised by his grandparents.)
This year for the both of us found each other in the same town, and bumping into each other bi weekly. His mother was friends with my biological mother and the frequently had coffee etc, and Sean would have to pick her up from our home. I was a Dept. Manager for Sport Chek so I was often at work, so we bumped into eachother every so often.
My opinion of Sean during that year.....He was a pretty boy, He was a goody goody, He was a snob!
His clothes were immaculate, designer and worth $!
My opinion of me for that year...... I was a 23 yr old single mom, I had everyone telling me I needed to go out and have I did. I was a party girl, I wore clothing that you would see 18-19yr olds wearing, I was a work aholic, I was losing weight, I was (for the first time in my life) a eyebrow waxing, acrylic nail wearing, girly girl! (for those who knew me, this was crazy)!
I was looking for a new place to rent. Sean was the acting property manager for his Papa's building which had a 2 bedroom apartment. I had just accepted a job in our town, a bigger title (Store Manager) with reduced pay although now I would have more time with my daughter!
At this time, I was sad, confused and had been going through a rough year. I cried out to the Lord,
"Why am I doing this? Why am I here? I hate this place (lower mainland) Lord Why???????"
I started feeling like I should pack up and move back to the one place I felt safe and the one town I loved...The Lord had other plans. As He so often does.
At this time in Sean's life, he was busy, on top of the world in all area's....except for one. He cried out to the Lord, "Lord give me a wife, give me my best friend!"
With the job change came Sundays off! I could go back to church like before....I started attending once in a while the same church Sean attended....I wasn't comfortable....for many reasons.
On mother's day, Sean and Sean's papa took us out to lunch. For the most part I did not make a good impression.....And for some reason Sean saw beyond the tough feminist exterior..
I moved into the apartment. He let me move in early. Raven and I loved it. Sean started dropping by for no reason....well to give me keys that were for nothing at all. Our apartment was only 600 sq ft. It had one locking door, the outer door for the building and a mailbox....I kept receiving many and many keys.....
This beautiful, kind hearted, gentle blonde haired, blue eyed giant of a man kept bring them keys.
For Sean's papa's birthday my biological mother asked me to help her make a party for him.....
This is our first picture together. My biological thought it would be cute!
This is also the evening where Sean got to know my little girl. She was 3 and 3/4 years old. It was a fun night.
This is also the night Sean used his text messaging on his cell for the first time in his life. He called me but I hadn't heard my cell ringing. Then I read the text....
Asking me out........well what do you do with that? The next day he called, after talkin it over with many I agreed to go for a date. For you see this man, was not your typical Stacey man so it was scary.
Then furthermore, prove that this may not work out was when he asked if my daughter would be coming so he included her in the reservations................reservations.......well my biological said if he is needing to make reservations its probably best that my daughter stay home!
And wouldn't you know it, this man takes me to the Revolving restraint in Vancouver....
One look at the menu and I was dizzy! Dinner here was gonna cost over a quarter of my rent! ugh! This dude was outta my league. I ordered water. I ordered the least expensive dish on the menu. Sean made me get desert with the luring, "your daughter would love it, you can take it home!".  Sean was not much of a talking. Still isn't. I said very little (which is a miracle if I keep quiet!).
After that I was sure this wasn't going to go anywhere. My friend convinced me to give him another chance. Sean went to Whistler for a week, during that week we had many text conversations, he called me each night. He phoned and asked if I could be there when they got home. So I was! When he drove me home, we sat outside my apartment and he handed me a box. He said, I was in this store and I saw this and thought of you..........I opened the box. It was a drusey necklace. A stone, hand sanded and beautiful! No one really knew but when I was a little girl, my papa and I would cut open rocks to see the crystals inside. He would tell me that no matter how rough or ugly the outside is the inside is a beauty that is surpassed beyond our knowledge.
And Sean gave me this.
We dated for two weeks, this two weeks seemed like years. When we held hands it was as if they molded together and fit as one. When we hugged I drank in the sheer beauty of him. It was as if we were created to be together. As if God himself shaped our lives for this moment. As if were chiseled out to become best friends, and that a love like this did not come ever.
At the end of this two weeks, Sean had asked me to go out to a business meeting for some pyramid thing. All day I could not get a hold of him. That night he was weird, nervous, he was far quieter than usual. We got to Vancouver late, he was frustrated made me walk all over the place! Finally a nice restraint was still opened. Zen, was the name. He ordered the entire contents of the appy menu and his favorite champagne. Which was expensive! I thought this guys flipped his lid. If this is how "well off guys break up with you....." I had visions of what I would do to him to show him how us girls do!
After eating and champagne! He wanted to take a walk to the dock....what its after midnight. I thought for sure Sean was nuts....halfway down the dock. He asked me, if he could ask me a question....I said sure..
He stopped me and asked me to marry him!
The ring he held out was immaculate and gorgeous! The look in his eye was to die for! The warmth in his hand was intoxicating!
The answer in my heart, the answer in my eyes the answer off my lips rolled effortlessly, a resounding YES!
June 3rd, 2008 Sean asked me out on a date!
June 26th, 2008 Sean asked me to marry him!
July 1st, 2008 we drove to Keremeos for Sean to ask my dad for my hand, and to meet him of course!
We set our date for August 31st, 2008....but that will be another post!
Sean, you are my husband. You are my rock,when I am weak!
You are my shield in the storms that life brings no matter what!
You are my pillow when I need to just cry into!
You are my best friend, whom I can talk till wee hours of the morning to!
You are my lover!
You are my fortress, that holds steady and firm!
You are my board in which I can bounce Idea's off of!
You are the sails in which guide me to the Lord!
In the past five years, we have walked the darkest of hours, the fires from the depths of Hell! In the past five years we have had many a trial, persecution and we have given it all up. We have.........
hand in hand, heart to heart, soul to soul with God as our anchor, as our guide.....
We have given it our all!
We have learned how to love, laugh, cry and through it all. I am more in love with you now then I was, I intend to keep falling in love with you with each passing year. No matter what they may bring.
If we can make it through this past five years...I say BRING ON THE NEXT HUNDRED!
As long as you have my hand, my heart and soul! I will continue this walk.
Thank you for this past five years. Many more to come!
Since the first till now we have added 2 gorgeous children into our home. Our daughter has a father, a man she can look up to, learn from and love and loves her more than the moon and back! We are also pregnant with our fourth child! And the Lord has blessed us in so many ways!
Praying for each of you, may you be a blessing today to others as much as you are blessed!
Stacey Homemaker

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