Good Afternoon

Good Afternoon
Photographer, Shelly Boyd

Monday, January 19, 2015

Long Time no Write LOL

Dear Friends,
Wow, so sorry for not writting! I think it has been over a year. Wow a year sure flies by.
Last time I wrote I was in the end of my pregnancy with our fourth blessing.....

I was doing awesome, although I had to have shared care with an OB and my midwives. I kept a very percise log of gestational diabetes. This entailed every thing I ate all my blood meter readings. I kept a very accurate log of my blood pressure I took it six to eight times a day. I walked 15km a week right up to 37 weeks and 5 days. At this point I brought wood into the house and down to the basement and wouldn't you know it that was not well recieved. LOL. I was checked out on that friday they determined they would induce me around wednesday morning. Went in on Sunday was hooked up to all of the monitors, and I was great. Went shopping and had some chickent nuggets. Went home felt awesome.


Two hours after the kids went to bed I started to feel light headed. Felt like someone was sitting on my chest. I got up had a cup of water. Thought indegestion. After 15 minutes of it progressively getting harder to breathe, I alerted my husband. He got out our BP machine..180/105...Well thats not good. Laid down. 10 minutes of relaxing...higher...and climbing...182/107.....Called the Maternity ward. The hospital was a 45 minute moutain terrain highway.....Nurse was alarmed...Calmly and ever so gently advised us to call 911 and recieve a ride from an ambulance. Next, called friends to pick up our other 3 children. Our Eldest R, was awesome she was 9. She jumped into action got their clothes ready picked up her little sister got her out to the awaiting van. Came and kissed me and off they went.

Ambulance was lost....took a bit for them to find our address. The EMT were awesome. My adopted mom had a service dog and they came along in the Ambulance so my hubby could drive along in the car. I was scared. Terrified maybe a better word. I looked at my hubby he prayed and off we went. The EMT with me was constantly monitoring and chatting. He had just had a daughter a month before. It was an Emergency to. On went the oxygen. BP not coming down, harder to breathe. I could see my hubby in the car in the darkness there he was with a blown out head light. God kept my focus on the headlights and kept my heart light. Prayer Prayer Prayer.....

Made it to the hospital were I was rushed in and hooked up....gave me more meds, and then came the nausea...violent nausea....then came the shot to the arm of gravol. Now it seemed to be hubby or mom could stay. Mom stayed and hubby went to sleep at a hotel for a bath and sleep...he prayed over me. Kissed me. That kiss I remember holding onto him. Knowing it would be ok.

Little sleep, monitoring me non-stop. Had to use my own insulin and bp medication. Waiting for a doc to come in....8am
He came in, if he ever had bedside manner I would pay a million bucks to see a video I tell ya.