Good Afternoon

Good Afternoon
Photographer, Shelly Boyd

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Beading Adventures.....Love it!

Now, for anyone who knows me sitting still really is not my thing. I like to be busy and on the go! I realize that now my pregnancy is coming close to the finish line that maybe just maybe I need to relax.....
But that does not mean being a lump on a log in front of a screen zombie like.....
So this beading is such a relief for me! I am learning to do something that is not only creative, productive, beautiful but also makes me feel complete. Makes me feel accomplished. Artful and joyful intertwined. Like I always was meant to learn how to do this. Like its in my blood!
I love sitting down at the end of the day, putting a video on (usually a teaching video, a sermon or on the days my brain just won't work out so awesome, I put in a silly dvd to listen to!)
And I sit and bead for hours! The hours slip by with out knowing. The time is a time of serenity and calmness. Where the quiet is washed over me and I am in a zone!
Below are my works from a period of a week long effort to practice with beading!
This is only the second try!
Below I did together, so I did both of the black outlining first and then the color and then the outsides.
Below is all five of the completed Poppies!
I did the last two in a night for my son and my hubby!
I chose to try the poppies for Remembrance day. So we can have a beautiful piece that we can wear without falling off and that look awesome!
I have to say I am truly in love with Beading! This is opening up a passion that I never knew existed!

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